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Discovering Music Like a Pro

August 2, 2019

Whether you have a special skill for discovering new music, or you are helplessly relying on Spotify to serve up new music, here are some pro tips for finding new music that has landed some musical gems.

Following Artists/DJs on Twitter

Not only do your favorite artists tweet about their newest/upcoming projects, they’re also highly likely to post reviews on another artist’s newest single. 

DJs are key as music is their life and they are often posting about new albums they enjoy, or they might even let us know when they’re uploading a new mix. 


If you’re a fan of continuous mixes, remixes, and new artists, Soundcloud is one of the best places to hang out. I think of Soundcloud as a musical thrift store. Lots of good finds, but it takes more patience than walking in to a highly organized retail store, so be sure you have some time to put aside before going down that rabbit hole. Start by finding a song you like, or even searching “continuous mixes” and the song following that one will likely be a song off of someone’s playlist. The layout of Soundcloud is almost perfectly unorganized.

If you’re a fan of blogs and getting more background on the music coming out, Earmilk is the best place to get the lowdown. They break new music down for you by genre, giving you an update on music that comes out almost newspaper/magazine style so you know you’re getting the latest.

Apple Music 

Here you will find a more subtle way of recommendations when it comes to new music, however this makes it more fun in my opinion. While you’re running through a list of an artist’s albums and playlists, Similar Artists will pop up at the very bottom. There’s also a radio feature if you’re feeling a certain mood or genre. Another rabbit whole to go down and a perfect way to discover artists you’ve never heard of. 

Continuous mixes 

Hour long mixes are the perfect way to discover music that will fit right in to any existing playlists you have going. An advantage to having a subscription to Apple Music is tuning in to Soulection Radio, OVO Sound Radio, and BBC Radio, to name a few. Within these mixes you will have a track list full of new releases and even music you may have lost track of.

Shazam Your Environment

There is no shame in my game when it comes to pulling out Shazam when I hear something I like that is unfamiliar. Local cafes and bars are the perfect place to hang around and discover new music as they are trying to create an atmosphere and likely have great music playing for their clientele. 


If all of the above sounds like too much work, never fear, for Spotify is here. You’ve got your Discover Weekly playlist in which Spotify serves up new music based on your historical musical tastes, multiple radio options, as well as the friends you follow. By following your friends, you are able to see what they are currently listening to as a way to discover new gems. 

The more creative you get with finding new music, the more you will uncover!