Your Brand Needs A Distinct and Consistent Voice

Human beings love and probably need to associate and categorize. It surely must have served some evolutionary function to be able to instantly categorize a stimulus into a group, such as “threatening” or “delicious”and be able to act accordingly right away. Although the daily mortal threats have mostly evaporated (there aren’t many saber-toothed tigers in Phoenix), the number of non-mortal threats vying for our attention is thousands of times higher.

As a result, we filter out the majority of the information flying at us from all directions out of necessity. We live in the age of everything in your face all the time, which means communicating a message to an audience requires a focused and personalized effort. If you expect your message to be heard and then remembered, you must create a voice that’s unified across every piece that’s presented to the public and distinct enough so as to not be confused with a competing message.

For example, imagine you saw an empty box of fries on the ground (freaking litterbugs) You can’t see the brand on the box, but you can see that it’s red and has an arched back piece and a gold line on the front in the shape of a smile. You barely even need to look at the box in order to know where those fries came from. The colors and logos are so ingrained in our minds that they’re immediately recognizable (and if you happen to be hungry, you might actually start craving french fries). This works on a local level as well (now YOU! have a friend in the diamond business!), especially if you have competitors with similar offerings.

Your brand is a reflection of what your business does as well as the types of customers you hope to attract. Every piece of information sent out to the public, whether it’s in print form or online, should be consistent and as immediately recognizable as that box of fries. If you don’t have millions to spend on marketing your fries, brand tone of voice is vital to expressing your brand identity. The correct tone can help your brand distinguish itself from competitors, attract like-minded people, reinforce the brand’s personality, and underpin the brand’s value to its customers