Using Blog Content to Address Client Objections

HurdlesListen up sales people! This blog post is written directly to you to help shorten your sales cycle and provide value to your potential clients.

We’ve spoken in the past about the value of high quality content with respects to search engine optimization but what I am presenting today will provide short-term, immediate value to your potential clients through the use of premium content.

Overcoming the Objection

Depending on your industry, the chances that you will meet a potential client and close the deal in the same day are relatively slim. In this day and age prospects like to build a relationship with vendors and weigh their options before even taking a meeting to discuss their needs. Oftentimes clients will have at least one objection or blocker as to why they should use your product or service. You could (and probably do) mitigate these objections within a meeting but conversation can be so fleeting. If you could deliver a piece of content that is well-written and concise to address a client objection and overcome it, wouldn’t that be incredible?

Well, shockingly, you can do that today! I’ll take you through the Words by Nerds methodology for addressing and overcoming objections during the sales process.

Identify Common Objections

Before you even write a sentence of content it is important to identify what the common objections are for your particular service. Thankfully, your prospects have probably already clued you into these objections.  At Words by Nerds, we typically identify these objections through an interview and by role playing the part of a particularly curmudgeonly client. If you are one of the many DIY marketers out there you can do this within your organization by sitting down with your sales staff and “putting them through the ringer” by bringing up any and every objection a potential client might have for your service.

Record the conversation and take notes on how your sales staff reacts to objections. Capitalize on the great answers and take a scalpel to the not-so-savory responses. Next, we will typically go through a brainstorming session on how to best address these objections in a succinct and informative format. Once we are satisfied with the responses will formulate SEO friendly titles and then write the content while maintaining our content standards (images, well-written, video friendly, etc)

I Can’t Think of Any Objections…. Help Me!

While I will stand by our tried and true methodology of interviewing and role playing, I will also include some common objections within the sales process.

“Why does your service cost so much? I’ve gotten quotes elsewhere for much less.”

“We’ve been doing things this way for the past 15 years, why should I change now?”

“I’ll need to take this up the ladder before we move forward.”

“I’m not sure that right now is the best time for us to take on this project, call me again in 6 months.” 

“We are a bit apprehensive working with a company as small as yours, how can I be sure you will service all of our needs?”

or conversely

“Your organization is too large! How can I be sure that I will receive the 1 on 1 care that my company deserves?”

Here are some of the most common objections across all industries but chances are you can find more specific objections within your own organization.

How do I Use This Content?

First things first, you should post this content on your blog and social media outlets to stay in-line with your current content schedule, that’s a given. However, the true, immediate value of this content works in tandem with your “boots on the ground” sales staff. Whenever your sales staff is in a meeting with a potential client and they bring up an objection the conversation will go as it usually does, but in your follow-up email send over a link to the blog post that addresses their objection directly.

This does two things. First it will mitigate or eliminate the objection itself by explaining how your company deals with said issue. Secondly, it demonstrates that as a company you know where your weak spots are and that you have taken the necessary steps to address through weaknesses head on. You are demonstrating a dedication to customer service that will surely set you apart from the rest of your competition.