Trust Temple Blackburn- Realty Expert

trusttempleWhen it comes to the luxury real estate market choosing an excellent agent can almost be as hard as choosing the perfect home. A good agent will hold your hand in helping you find one of your most valuable possessions, your home.

That’s where Temple Blackburn comes in. Temple has been in the luxury real estate market for over 20 years and is often listed among the top agents in Scottsdale.

WBN had the opportunity to chat with Temple about her career and passion. Here’s what she had to say.

Serendipitous Beginnings

Temple began her career in real estate by chance. After graduating Arizona State University, Temple secured a job in marketing but just wasn’t feeling it. When a friend mentioned she knew a real estate agent looking for an assistant, Temple took a chance. “It was the best accident that ever happened to me,” said Temple.

Temple was plunged into the world of high end real estate with one of Scottsdale’s top agents. During this time she dealt with luxury properties and even traveled to Japan, giving her international marketing experience. This gave Temple the kick start to a career that has only grown over the past two decades.

“It’s been an amazing journey,“ said Temple, “I am always learning, which is why I love this business.”

Present Day Pioneer

93rd home

The journey continues today with Temple focusing her energy in North Scottsdale marketing luxury properties. As a negotiation expert, she continues to manage short sale properties. Temple has helped many families out of stressful situations caused by the market crash in 2008, she says, “That has been so rewarding on so many levels.  Fortunately, I have excelled in very difficult markets.”

Now that the economy has started to bounce back, Temple has reentered the luxury homes market.

“I’m trying to be ahead of the curve. I’m trying to make sure that anybody who sells real estate is getting the best service possible,” said Temple.

As a self-described “concierge realtor” Temple makes sure that she gives each and every client the ultimate service. “I want to give everyone platinum service. We really have to take care of our clients to the utmost degree because the expectations have changed over the years.”

Selling Homes, Not Houses

“My job is to help people buy and sell their homes. It’s your temple, your fortress. It can be an emotional journey for many people”

When choosing the right agent, Temple had this to say, “You need someone who is a marketing specialist that knows how to listen to your story and turn it into something we can share with others.”

Grapevine home

This is why Temple is the best, clients aren’t simply dollar signs and commission, they are families with personal stories.

“The one thing I am really proud of over the past five years is that I’ve really helped people feel better about their situation. Even in a challenging real estate market, I was  helping them realize that there is so much growth potential, that what they are doing right now may seem difficult but once we are through it, they will realize it was worth the effort,” said Temple.

And she means it; Temple once spent two years on a short sale but never gave up because, as she says, “I hate to fail! I’ve always had a drive and I never gave up. I promised I would get it done and I did.”

Trust Temple

Temple has grown her business due to her expert negotiating skills and the trust of buyers and sellers alike. “I want clients to say, ‘I had a great experience, I’m recommending you to everybody I know.’ That’s how I thrived in the short sale industry purely by referral.”

The gears never stop turning for Temple, who has sold homes to individuals she’s met on her hiking routes, a favorite hobby.

“That’s the best feeling in the world; to gain a person’s trust and respect.”

Temple Blackburn is a Luxury Realtor operating in Phoenix and Scottsdale. In her free time, Temple enjoys hiking, yoga, giving back to the community and spending time with her family and friends. Temple has traveled the world, visiting Belize, the Bahamas and the Mexican Riviera. She’s jumped out of planes, enjoyed a vegetarian lifestyle and loves Silver Linings Playbook. For more information about Temple visit her website here.