Red Falcon Web Marketing


Downtown Phoenix’s Red Falcon Web Marketing may be only a year old but owner and operator Craig Brooksby is no newcomer to the world of web marketing and search engine optimization. After spending over a decade working for a larger marketing firm, Craig grew tired of an impersonal sales-based approach to online marketing and moved his team into the independent realm.

“Our philosophy has always been that the person talking with the client should be the quarterback,” said Brooksby, “When the client is talking to me they’ve got the quarterback. They’re talking to the person that is going to make it happen for them.”

An Ally to Attorneys

Red Falcon serves multiple professional industries but specializes in law firm clients from every avenue including criminal defense, bankruptcy, personal injury, medical malpractice and others. While Craig lacks formal legal training he has worked for the largest legal publisher in the U.S., West Publishing, and was on the ground floor of the largest online marketing agency for law firms in the world — from Minnesota.

Brooksby noted, “Attorneys have professional obligations that are quite high. When doing online marketing for an attorney it is not about selling a product rather it is about communicating and selling a reputation.”


This experience has given Brooksby razor sharp intuition into what works best when marketing for a law firm. Red Falcon’s focus isn’t a ‘quick fix’ approach to moving search results, rather coordinating search engine optimization that is future proof. In laymen terms, this means their brand of SEO techniques can put you on the front page of Google and keep you there.

Brooksby emphasizes that SEO is a process that is constantly changing and “if you stop spending time on SEO you will very quickly drift off the screen completely.” That’s why Red Falcon encourages their clients to be proactive about their search engine optimization by combining quality with quantity.

Brooksby says, “I am looking for an attorney who has marketing sense, who wants to make something happen, who knows what productivity means in terms of spending on advertising. I can make a very happy client out of someone like that.”

To infinity and beyond in the Digital Age

Red Falcon understands that working in the digital age is a constantly evolving process. Regarding the challenges this climate presents, Brooksby said, “I’d say the hardest thing is the constant flood of new, brilliant ideas that are going to revolutionize everything.”

Craig says that this is a tough industry due to the sheer amount of information on the subject that floods the internet on a day-to-day basis. Nobody really knows what works best because there are so many approaches and techniques. However, Red Falcon stands by the tried and true method of producing high quality content, which Craig Brooksby feels is “underrated” by many of the larger web marketing firms.

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