Quality Content vs Shoddy Content: About Us


We are big proponents of quality content online. Many SEO and Web Marketing companies will emphasize that you need to have constant up-to-date content both on your site and on different pages across the web.  But what is the difference between quality content and shoddy content?

Have you ever visited website and felt that something was just not right? The language of the home page seems to repeat the same phrase a thousand times or it simply didn’t have a focus?  This is what we call shoddy content; articles that only focus on search engine optimization.

fb-profile_WbN (1)Often time’s businesses marketing themselves or run-of-the-mill marketing firms will tailor their content to satisfy the algorithm of a search engine but they are not thinking of the most important aspect of marketing—reaching people.  I will be using the fictional company “Beth’s Baking Company” as an example for the remainder of this article.

Here is an example of a shoddy “About Us” section for Beth’s Baking Company.

“Beth’s Baking Company is the best downtown Phoenix bakery in the Maricopa Area. This downtown bread company makes wedding cakes in Phoenix but also creates cupcakes in Chandler. Founded by Beth Brown in 2009, Downtown Phoenix’s Beth’s Baking Company prides itself by creating sumptuously delicate croissants for the greater Phoenix metro area. Local organic bread is what we do best.”

Obviously, this post is on the extreme side of “keyword overload” but what it represents is how you can saturate your page with a high keyword density.

Here is an example of the same information conveyed through quality content that is still SEO friendly.

“Since opening its doors in 2009, Downtown Phoenix bakery Beth’s Baking Company has been serving up the best in organic wedding cakes, cupcakes, croissants and of course, bread to the eager masses. What started as an at-home project grew to a business when founder/baker Beth Brown decided to ditch the 9-to-5 and pursue her passion—bread.

Beth has received numerous accolades for her baking including the New Times Best in Phoenix award and has grown to cater events in Chandler, Scottsdale, Mesa, and Gilbert.

“It’s been an incredible experience. For me it’s about giving people a choice when it comes to their food,” says Brown. “I wanted to provide Phoenix with fresh, locally sourced baked goods at an affordable price”

Beth’s Baking Company has teamed with St. Johns Food Bank and the World Health Organization to provide food for the homeless, including birthday cakes because as Beth puts it, “Everybody deserves a cake on their birthday.”’

Much better. This “About Us” section not only satisfies our SEO standards but also tells a story about the business itself. While the quotes for this business are completely fabricated, we at Words by Nerds take a similar approach to our clients.

We learn about you and your vision for your company then take a journalistic attitude when marketing it. We sit down with a business owner for an in depth interview to not only understand your vision but to also mine high quality articles to be shared throughout the internet.

This is something that you can do on your own as well! Sit down with a voice recorder and ask yourself questions you would expect from a reporter profiling your business. It may seem silly but once you get going you realize that sometimes it’s easier to talk about yourself than to sit in front a computer racking your brain for content.

Tune in next week for our article outlining quality blog posts for your site and others.