Meet the Nerds: Lauren Jordan, Graphic Designer

Where does Words By Nerds turn for their creative vision? Look no further than Lauren Jordan, resident graphic designer extraordinaire.

Lauren ‘kicks it’ in Tempe and her favorite things are drawing, happy hour, IPAs, sarcasm, meaty HBO dramas, and her dogson Joaquin Joseph Scott Robles.

lauren jordan

WbN: Hi Lauren! Walk us through your typical day at Words By Nerds.

Lauren: Well, I show up with a cup of coffee that I down in about 30 seconds (give or take), steal some of the brew that Jeff made, then get to doodling wire frames or compiling style guides for clients whilst exchanging lame jokes with my coworkers and listening to my Spotify playlist. Lunch is usually spent eating something entirely bad for me but delicious, i.e. Welcome Diner. Then rinse and repeat for the second half of my day. Mix in some petting of our office dog Rally and spinning around in my chair, because sometimes I like to remember that I was once a child.

WbN: What’s your favorite aspect of the job so far?

Lauren: I adore the open and relaxed environment we get to work in. I always feel like I can end the day proud of the work I accomplished and still say that I had a fun time. Plus working with a group of light-hearted nerds helps.

WbN: What factors do you consider most important in the course of design?

Lauren: Making sure you completely understand the client’s wants and taste even if they don’t, and maintaining consistency in a project. It’s hard to continue with the same vision, especially when you have epiphanies halfway through.

WbN: We know you’re really into photography. What makes a good photo?

Lauren: Content that draws the eye through the entire image, always abiding by the rule of 3s, and, obviously, a photographer who actually understands how the camera works. I think people just pick up a camera too often without educating themselves on the actual mechanics of light.

WbN: Tell us the nerdiest thing about yourself. Dig deep.

Lauren: Umm… I do get inappropriately furious when a meme is misused. Like, I’ve seen idiotic Facebook posts where The Most Interesting Man in the World is totally used out of it’s intended context… and it’s genuinely ruined my day. Maybe that’s not nerdy, but just irrational.

WbN: What are some of your most recently played tracks on Spotify?

Lauren: WHALE by Yellow Ostrich, How Come Your Go There (Beck Remix) by Feist, Black Out Days by Phantogram.

WbN: What’s the least impressive fact you know?

Lauren: Zebras are black with white stripes.

All right, this last one is kind of a personal question but we fully expect you to answer it — would you rather have accordions for legs or have Cheeto fingers + lips for the rest of your days?

Lauren: Cheetos, easily. Why is this even a question? That seems like a total babe magnet.

– words by nerds