Juice Core: Business Unpasteurized

High quality produce, an emphasis on nutrition, and keeping it all in the family – those are the values instilled in Juice Core, a juice and cleanse company that just opened its first retail location in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Founded in February 2012, Juice Core began serving up juice, cleanses, and elixirs at various Farmers Markets around the valley.  We spoke with Patty Flanigan, one of Juice Core’s three proprietors, about staying healthy and being an entrepreneur in the Valley.

Something for Everybody


Juice Core offers three different types of cleanse. The first is an entry level cleanse that has a mixture of fruits and vegetables. “Then they get progressively greener”, says Flanigan. “The second cleanse is 50% green, lower fruit or lower sugar content, and then the final cleanse is all green, six green juices a day.”

Cleanse also come with 4-ounce elixirs as a complement. Those interested in starting a juice cleanse can either pick up their product from Juice Core’s retail location or have them delivered directly to your home!

Additionally, Juice Core’s products are set apart from grocery brands like Naked and Odwalla as they provide unpasteurized juice. “Our whole goal was to do this unpasteurized juice, which maintains your enzymes and chlorophyll.”

Farmers Market Culture

Juice Core began showcasing their products at local markets and even though they have a brick and mortar shop, they don’t plan on stopping.

“I think we will always do the farmers market just because it’s our clientele—people who are looking for organic, healthy options,” said Flanigan. “I think farmers markets are a growing trend. People are switching from big supermarkets and trying to get their foods that are clean, pristine, local and organic as possible.”

Juice Core takes advantage of locally sourced produce to incorporate into their products.

“We do all local when possible. Our goal is to take the freshest possible ingredients that we can find that are organic and local to make a pressed juice that is absolutely good for you,” said Flanigan.

Friends and Family Working Together

“It’s a mother-daughter and best friend business,” said Flanigan. The company began as a result of Patty, her daughter Katie and friend Taylor Rentaria engaging in a ‘health-kick’, doing yoga and eating consciously. This lifestyle was the inspiration for company’s unique branding which Patty affectionately calls Chakra Man.

Some may find the idea of working with family daunting but Juice Core has found a way to make it work.

“I wouldn’t say it’s always easy to work with your family, but we’ve worked out all the kinks and it works really well! We have both generations,” said Flanigan.

On Being an Entrepreneur

“It’s a lot of work, and you have to truly believe in what you’re doing, especially if you’re dealing with something that’s different—and we are unpasteurized. The licensing firms don’t really like that but in the long run you get to do exactly what you want to do. It’s yours. And I guess that’s probably the nicest thing about starting your own company.”

Nutrients Delivered!

One of the best aspects of Juice Core’s business is the fact that they will deliver their juices straight to your home or business.

“We started delivery from the very beginning. We don’t have enough backing to have five locations open, and so we just thought we’d deliver right to people’s homes and businesses, and that’s worked really well for us,” said Flanigan.

Final Thoughts

“Try the unpasteurized juice! It really makes a significant difference in how your health, and how you feel!”

Juice Core’s new retail store can be located in Scottsdale, Arizona at 7137 E. Stetson Dr. #10. Juice Core can be found on Facebook and Twitter. Visit their website here.