Is a Google+ Account Good for Business?

If you had to list the most popular social media sites off the top of your head right now, odds are, Google+ is not one of them. Sorry, Google. Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, and Instagram are stiff  competition, and many businesses have been chasing traffic through these popular sites for a while now.  But what if I told you that a Google+ profile has way more power to get you traffic than some of those other sites? Spoiler alert: Google+ is good for business.


Many, if not most people will visit your site through a search engine; and we can assume most of it is coming from Google. So, it kind of makes sense why G+ goes hand in hand with a high PageRank: they’re the same company! In fact, a G+ representative said that their aim was to roll-up all the great aspects of Google into one big, satisfying social media burrito; which in turn would also affect search results.

So, your friends may not be +1’ing all your recent statuses  the way you get likes on Facebook, but that doesn’t make it a less important business tool–especially for SEO. So how can you get the most bang for your buck on Google+?

  1. Get active! Add friends, colleagues, family members, and people you want to follow. The cool thing is that unlike one large pool of friends, you have different “circles” to share different things with.
  2. Engage with your circles, share posts, and make sure to link out to your business to increase your visibility. Google+ allows you to embed links in your profile or posts, which is a tremendous deal if you’re trying to increase your traffic.
  3. When you add links into your profile or posts, make sure to optimize the text with specially crafted keywords. “Why Google+ is Good for SEO” is a much better title than “Click here.”

So there you have it, Google+ might not be the most “happening” social media platform, but it can help your image and your business. Who knows, maybe this time next year, G+ will be one of the cool kids.