How Backlinks Bolster SEO

What the heck are backlinks?!


Search Engine Optimization, or SEO as we often refer to it, can be a tricky business. How do you get started circumnavigating this dense forest? Understanding how backlinks bolster your digital presence certainly helps.

Backlinks are a term that refers to different sites around the Internet that link back to you. Search engines like Google factor in the amount of backlinks your site has to provide you with search result rankings across a variety of keywords.

Let’s say you just finished writing an awesome article on your blog about the best places to visit in San Francisco. In fact, your article was so awesome that some of your regular readers decided to link to it directly from their site. This is the beautiful business of backlinks, one of the cornerstones of modern SEO.

Google considers organic backlinks as an endorsement of your site within the perpetual viral popularity contest, and whoever receives the most endorsements ranks the highest on their results pages. The more people linking to your site for a particular subject means they find the content authoritative – some of the best available.

So what’s the secret to obtaining more coveted backlinks? Content is key. Focus your efforts on providing the best material possible regarding your subject matter. If you want to rank the highest for ‘intricate sewing patterns for cat sweaters’ (we’re not judging), then provide the very best content for that subject. The adage of ‘build it and they will come’ definitely applies here.

intricate sewing patterns for cat sweaters

#1 spot here we come!

Fortifying your backlinks database is a process that occurs over time. When your site is new to the Internet, it understandably takes some time and effort before you start turning heads. But just like being the new kid at school, when you inevitably meet others sharing a common interest for, uh, cat sweaters … well, you’re well on your way!