1st Annual WBN Paper Airplane Tournament

1st annual wbn paper airplane tournamentHow does our team get into the creative mode? Occasionally we like to bring it back to basics and compete for all important bragging rights.

In the midst of the sweltering dog days of summer, our team of nerds assembled for the 1st Annual WBN Paper Airplane Tournament. The elusive title for ultimate paper planes supremacy was up for grabs — and the condemnation of weekly bathroom duty awaiting the weakest pilot.

Contestants lined up toward the back of the room, faced with the ‘relatively daunting’ task, depending upon whom you asked, of reaching the back wall nearly — an unprecedented 30 ft away.

“I haven’t made a paper airplane since grade school,” writer Tyler reported from the sidelines. “I’m nervous about my entry.” Despite initial reservations, Tyler was able to achieve sufficient mediocrity to stave off bathroom duties.

The more savvy pilots fashioned their planes with vertical fins and weighted noses. In the most controversial decision of the day, the use of paperclips was officially banned per the hotly contested addendum No. 3 to the WBN’s statutes.

Although web developer Morgan spoke at length regarding his paper airplane proficiency, a tragic turn of events landed his plane within the the rafters — a fabled and treacherous no man’s land. His pilot was never heard from again.

Instead the day was carried by sales team member, Samuel John Lowy. When pressed for comment regarding his winning design, Sam relayed to reporters, “Well, I won.” Man of few words.

The 1st Annual WBN Paper Airplane Tournament was a resounding success, a day marked by the theatre of sorrow and jubilation alike. Also, a cleaner bathroom.

As for now, we have the better part of a year to develop the exciting prototype for next year …

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