Creating Premium Content That Wants to Be Read

In the past, filling your webpage with keywords or spamming your links everywhere you could was a way of “bullying” your content in the faces of readers. Today, the goal is not bullying, but attracting. You don’t want to grab their attention; you want to earn and hold their attention. Google is way too sophisticated for those kinds of tricks these days, anyway. Naturally, you want audiences to take action, but initially, you want audiences to keep reading, click links and with a little luck, link back to or share your content. It’s the rare brand that understands how content and story must interact to add real value versus merely sell a product or service.

Know your Audiencewords by nerds

Who is going to read your content? How much does this person know about your subject? Most importantly, why are they coming to your page? If your readers found you, they’re looking for answers to a problem, whether it’s finding an attorney to represent them in a lawsuit or finding a plumber to fix a leaky pipe. At this point, you’ve done the heavy lifting. Now, it’s a matter of giving them content that focuses on their needs and meets or exceeds their expectations. They have questions; you have answers. It’s serendipitous! Approaching your readers in this way gives your content credibility and produces trust.

Keep it Short

Another way to reader involved is being clear and concise, which means saying the most with the least amount of words (that’s what we love to do). A solid blog post should be read in 10 minutes or less. While you may get really excited about the latest RT valves for pulldown kitchen faucets (we’re all nerds for something,) a long, drawn-out explanation full of jargon might cause an immediate click-away.

AND Sweet..

You have a personality. So do we (good ones Editor’s note: the best ones) and so does your brand. You know TONS about your subject matter and about the people you’re trying to reach. The tone of your content is what ties it all together in a nice, little bow and presents it to the world. It’s what makes your website fun to read and gets your reader to come back to you when it’s time to make a decision. It’s also what parts the oceans of content available to your readers and makes a real connection with them.

Finally, you close your posts with a call for action. This is where tell your reader how to reach you, and be sure to make it really easy, preferably something they can do right where they’re sitting, such as clicking on a link.

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