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We got a chance to sit down with Artful Thinkers owner Jamie Glass who specializes in creative sales and marketing consulting and is a self-proclaimed “social media geek.” She’s done wonders for many companies and loves to help people connect all over the valley. Jamie gives fantastic insight into the importance of networking and how marketing has changed over the years.

Words by Nerds: What is Artful Thinkers all about?

Jamie: There’s two elements to that: one is creative and one is strategic and when the two are aligned you have a better opportunity to achieve the business goal. Artful thinkers is about being creative, being strategic, and getting results. Those three things state the principals about my company and how we help clients in achieving those goals.

WBN: We love creativity. How do you apply it with your business?

Jamie: Creativity can be applied to anything in a business. Meaning, it’s not just the business element, it’s how you go about solving problem. I hate the cliche of “thinking outside the box.” It’s really taking different approaches to achieve a business goal or an objective. When you’re creative you’re using a collaborative process. You’re engaging other people to help think about bigger, brighter ideas. Translating creativity is not just a visual representation of whatever you do in your message in your marketing, but also about making sure that the visual representation is spot on with the message and the content.

WBN: Every client is different. How does your clientele range? With that, describe your ideal client.

Jamie: I’ve been very fortunate in the breadth of experience I’ve had with different clients. I’ve done everything from working in the golf and automotive industry, to working with high tech predictive analytics and software companies… education companies, services groups as in legal, finance and investment banking.

The thing that I know is that sales is sales and that marketing is marketing. What gets applied is the creativity and the strategy behind what you have to do in order to sell product or services or market those goods or services. Each [client] is different because they all have their own ‘secret sauce’, they’re usually going about how they approach their market differently or looking for a standout position. What’s the same is that they’re trying to gain revenue and get new customers.

The perfect client to me is someone who does well by doing good: You’re doing good for others helping others — and it doesn’t’ have to be charity. You’re solving problems or a bigger problem, you’re making a difference in the world. If you’re doing that, I’m you’re biggest fan. I want to cheer you from the sidelines and get you to your goal faster. If you’re a business or organization that can do that and do well at the same time, as in grow your business, find ways to hire people, give young startups businesses an opportunity to work with you, give interns and young professionals a new job… I’m a big fan if you can accomplish both. You’re my ideal client.

WBN: What is the hardest thing about working in the digital age? What are some of the hurdles you face with any work you do online? What benefits have you seen with working online?

Jamie: The difficulty is that old school marketing doesn’t work. There’s underlying principles that you still have to apply. Marketing is marketing. Look at the standard of, “I’ll present a message trying to attract people to your product or services,” that’s been around for 500 years. What has changed today is the dynamics of how that message is delivered as in multi touch mediums, the ability to convey a message through multiple touch points or communication style whether that be through video, dynamic design, or purely through content. As a marketer you have to know your stuff. It doesn’t mean you have to be an expert at it because there are tons of great experts like what you guys do  that will deliver tons of great things for clients, but if you can’t go out and recognize where those experts are because you don’t know what SEO is or SEM and you don’t understand that Panda 2.0 is blowing out your clients content strategy, you’re obsolete.

The challenge is that you always have to be learning and I spend a lot of time — when I can find it — consuming information, reading information and staying engaged and knowing my market space because I can’t solve problems if I’m out pitching something that was an effective way of marketing 20 years ago but doesn’t work today. You have to be a learner. I’m always consuming information, I always stay hungry and I always stay engaged. I think that what I know is how effective it can and should be and that there are phenomenal resources like Invexi that can help you deliver on that. If you’re not up to date on digital mobilization or content development you’re out of touch.

WBN: Jamie, we’re nerds. We can “nerd out” on anything from Star Wars to baseball. What’s something that you “nerd out” about?

Jamie: I’m a total trial and error person on social media. If I know about something before everyone else I totally geek out. I want to be one of the first people to know about the why’s. I want to be in the know first. When I see something, I want to try it out and figure it out before everyone else which makes me a social media geek. Technology is moving so fast people get on it!

WBN: What’s your favorite part about working in a growing Phoenix business landscape?

Jamie: I’m one of the biggest fans of our growth here. I created a summit that’s going to take place on June 11th at the Tempe Center for the Arts called innovation Arizona so that we can bring together  entrepreneurs and startups to meet with all the people that are interested in helping them grow. I know is that Phoenix has brilliant people. Phoenix has a lot of hard working, creative, problem solving, smart technology people. We are way beyond what we’re recognized for in the talent pool and so I am one hundred percent committed to volunteer to make sure people recognize it, see it and are aware of what’s available to them. If I can be in the center of that and help make that happen and drive conversation and help bring people together, I don’t need to get paid for that because that’s because a big enough high for me and a big enough reward to see the progress. I want to utilize everything we’ve got here and we’ve got a lot. That’s my juice, that’s what keeps me going. I just want to be a hub.

WBN: You’ve helped people achieve their goals and see the results they wanted. If you had advice for someone starting a new business, what would it be?

Jamie: You don’t have to work as hard at starting a company and growing a company if you have built a network of trusted relationships and mentors and people that can help lift you up and fill in the gap where you don’t have the knowledge and experience. If you create a company and collaborate and use the community to support you, you can get there ten times faster with a lot more opportunity and wealth in the end.

So my advice is this: don’t do it in isolation, know your resources know whos out there who can help you. it all exists. Make sure you identify that help and build long term relationships. That’s how you’ll grow. I’ve never marketed my company or advertised my company, I’ve only built it by referrals. Be self aware and know that its out there and build trust and a trusted network. It will support you in the ups and downs.

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