About Us

Who doesn’t like coffee? Well, there has to be somebody… but it sure isn’t us.

Words by Nerds is a team of experts who are passionate about recognizing the goals of your company and surpassing them, while getting our caffeine fix.

Based in Phoenix, Arizona our office is filled with young and excited professionals who want to turn your online presence into a tool not just an accessory. We combine the efforts of talented content creators and some seriously savvy tech wizards (think Gandalf with a keyboard) to capture the voice of your project. Our staff prides itself on being flexible, personable and most importantly, reliable. We are stubborn for results and take pride in your project.

What started off with Dustin and a few computers has turned into lots of people with lots of computers.


Dustin puts the “nerd” in Words by Nerds. With years of experience in web development and design, business consulting and search engine optimization, Dustin is the posterboy of the left brain thinkers. In his downtime, Dustin likes to explore Downtown Phoenix on his bicycle made for two.

If Dustin were a cup of coffee he’d be: Black coffee in a nice, eco-friendly thermos for coffee optimization.


Queen of the spreadsheet, our Director of Operations, Kim Larkin, is responsible for making sure everything runs smoothly. From developing detailed action plans to enforcing deadlines and creative problem solving, she makes sure the job gets done. When she's not busy developing business plans, you can find her getting involved with the Phoenix art community, or watching the chipmunk video on YouTube.

If Kim were a coffee, she would be a black tea with a splash of almond milk.


As a Project Manager, Michael is the eyes and ears of your online experience. An expert in quality content creation and search engine optimization, Michael works to make your goals a reality. In his free time Michael enjoys cooking and watching X-files marathons.

If Michael were a cup of coffee he’d be: DECAF!


Mikey is our ideas man. Armed with the latest digital tools, an arsenal of inspiration, and a personality like no other, Mikey produces high-end web and print designs. Once you talk to Mikey, you will know you're in good hands. He can work with someone who has no idea what they want just as well as with people with very particular concepts. When he isn't being a digital Picasso, you can find him listening to old school disco with his sidekick, Joey the dog.

If Mikey was a coffee he would be an extra sweet, extra large iced coffee.


The Director of Digital Marketing, Chris is both wordy and nerdy to an almost tragic degree. Having managed several eCommerce outfits, both directly and agency-side, Chris has experience in sales, marketing, design, development. He’s strikingly handsome and super funny, and also wrote this. When not on working on a computer, Chris is almost certain to be playing on a computer.

If Chris were a cup of coffee he’d be: A cup of from a french press, warm and sophisticated.


The Master of Design, Jeff is our go-to guy for all things composition. A man who knows no bounds in the world of Web Design, Jeff has years of designing all sorts of sites for loads of different industries. Why do you think our site looks so cool!? When Jeff isn’t using his digital paintbrush, you can find him at a beer tasting or cruising Tempe on his fixed-gear bicycle.

If Jeff were a cup of coffee he’d be: A cappuccino with an intricately beautiful cream design.

You sly dog you...